Cryotherapy: Is it Just Another Trend?

Author: Madison Coffman

Sitting in a cold chamber of -200 degrees Fahrenheit does not sound like something someone would do by choice. However, people continuously do. Gearing up in socks, gloves, and booties multiple times a week to sit in freezing temperatures for three minutes at a time is actually not a form of torture, but is something that regular people do for the perceived health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and soreness recovery time, and improving energy levels, blood flow, and depression and anxiety symptoms1. But is cryotherapy really up to the talk? It is important to note if the pop culture opinions on cryotherapy match the scientific evidence. In a study titled “Whole body cryotherapy, cold water immersion, or a placebo following resistance exercise: a case of mind over matter?” they compared the effects of cryotherapy to that of cold water immersion and a placebo of a pill said to be BCAAs5. This study honed in on recovery for men who participated in strength training, but the reported effects of cryotherapy go beyond recovery.

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