The End of Women’s Sports?

Author: Jamie O’Brien

When we think about people playing sports what is it we want to see? Sportsmanship? Good will between athletes? Fair and level playing fields? Unfortunately, in recent years, a new issue has arisen that compromises what we consider fair and level playing fields: transgender individuals in sports. As a society we have begun to more openly accept individuals of transgender and non-binary gender identity into every level of society. This includes things like local, national and international athletic competition. To many however, the issue is not as simple as allowing individuals to participate in the league or competition that conforms to their gender identity. Biological differences between the male and female sexes lead to an unfair advantage in favor of individuals with male biological characteristics. Several cis-gender female athletes have claimed the practice of allowing transgender women to compete with them is unfair and damages the idea of a level playing field. I am not here to argue of the place of transgender individuals in Western society, but to address the unfair aspects of male to female transgender athletes in female athletic competition.

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