How Overtraining Affects the Body and How to Overcome It

Author: Sara Wilson

Overtraining is something that a lot of athletes face and often don’t even know it. Overtraining occurs when you exceed your body’s ability to recover from exercise. Everyone wants to be the best at what they do and today people have mentalities like “no days off” or “no pain no gain”. They think that if they keep working and never stop it will help them with their athletic goals, but they almost always end up pushing themselves too far. That is something I experienced last year running cross country at the junior college level. I tried gradually increasing my mileage and started running every other day and eventually worked up to running 6 days a week. I was in the best shape of my life and was faster than I have ever been. Once the season started, my coaches were excited about my progress over the summer and ready to get the season started. Once we started having meets, we would go weeks without a day off. Having practice all week with a meet on Saturday and then long run-on Sunday and start the process all over again on Monday. My times started to plateau and eventually gradually decreased. I also felt tired even doing things that were easy before. My coaches told me to keep running and work my way backup. Doing this led to a tibial stress fracture which put me out for the rest of the season. I learned that in order to reach your goals rest is just as important as training and when you are feeling tired and regressing it may be time to take a step down.

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Nutrition Strategies to Promote Optimal Performance in Soccer Players

Author: Reilly Bertram


            As a collegiate soccer player, my experience with game day nutrition has increased my curiosity about what proper nutrition should be like. For a game at 6pm, my team and I will meet at about 2:30pm for a pregame meal. The meal typically consisting of a pasta dish, usually with meat sauce or chicken, a salad, mixed vegetables, and breadsticks. During the game, we are always provided with water and Gatorade or Body Armor. Our trainer makes sure that when people come off the field they always have water and Gatorade available to them. Also, during halftime of our games, we are given sugary candy like starburst and skittles. The idea behind the sugary candy, I think, is to provide us with a quick burst of energy for the second half; I don’t think there is scientific evidence behind this, but our coach loves to do it. Our post game meals are usually at a restaurant like Chipotle where we often get burrito bowls consisting of rice, meat, beans, and different vegetables. After looking at our game day nutrition, let’s take a look at what research is saying nutrition should be like.

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