Supplements That Help Build Muscle Mass

Author: Abigail Everson

For the last few decades, protein has become one of the most talked about supplements for athletes. Protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis, the building and repair of muscles and tissues. Protein is also needed for a variety of hormonal and metabolic activities (Campbell 2008). For this reason, protein bars, shakes, and other supplements have become an important part of exercising and strength training. In recent years creatine has been rising in popularity and it has been shown to improve performance and lean body mass. Although creatine is newer, both protein and creatine seem to have the similar impacts on lean muscle mass in athletes.

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The Effects of Caffeine on Strength & Power Performance in Athletes

Author: Melissa Shlotzhauer


There’s no better way to begin your day than by drinking a hot cup of coffee before enjoying a nice workout. Aside from being a delightful beverage that’s part of your morning routine, have you ever stopped and thought about all the benefits that the caffeine you’re consuming provides? Caffeine is found in many foods and beverages and over 90% of the US population consumes it on a regular basis (Mawer, 2016).

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