Is My Coconut Water Blood-Sugar Friendly?

Author: Rachel Selva

Coconut water is a hydration drink of choice for many people, including me. I like it because it hydrates me after a tough workout, and it tastes really good too! I was recently exploring the nutrition facts on the back of the bottle (as a curious exercise physiology student is bound to do), and I noticed one of the ingredients: organic erythritol. The claim on the back of the bottle states that “Erythritol carbs have no calories or effect on blood sugar.” I find this interesting, because as a type 1 diabetic, I always look to see if I need to give insulin for a meal or beverage. And looking at the carbohydrate content on the back of my coconut water bottle showed me that with 9 grams of carbohydrates per serving and 18 grams per bottle, I would indeed need insulin. So this question came to mind: If erythritol carbohydrates have no effect on blood sugar, then why do I give insulin to drink my coconut water?

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