Training Comparisons between Plyometric Training and Contrast Training in Athletes

Author: Damon Harrell

Throughout time athletes have sought out the best ways to train to gain an advantage over their competitors. Athletes and exercise scientists have looked into different training methods to improve performance and longevity in their respective sports. One athlete that represents the golden standard for longevity and peak performance is Lebron James. It is reported by Business Insider that Lebron spends 1.5 million dollars a year on training and the maintenance of his body. The pursuit for athletic greatness and the curiosity of how the human body reacts to different
types of training has led to comparisons of different types of training. Two popular training methods that are used to improve athletic abilities like speed, agility, strength, and vertical jump are contrast strength training and plyometric training.

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Can Kinesio Tape Enhance My Athletic Performance?

Author: Kandeija Bagurusi

Introduction Within our society, there is a constant desire to further enhance athletic performance through advancements in technology. A little over a decade ago, athletic taping and specifically Kinesio Tape gained popularity within the United States, although the method originated in the 1970s. Today, Kinesio Tape has been used as a means for enhancing athletic performance, and prevention or treatment of sports injuries by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and throughout the healthcare field. The use of Kinesio Tape has stirred controversy over its efficacy, as we will discuss below, especially pertaining to its ability to enhance athletic performance .

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